Colorado passes the first-ever statewide vote on renewable energy!

Amendment 37 wins on election night.

The Renewable Energy Initiative (#37) passed by a vote of 53% yes to 47% no.  This is a tremendous victory for clean air and energy independence!

As the first statewide vote on renewable energy, this sets an important precedent for the rest of the country.  It sends the utilities a message that their customers want cleaner energy and will vote for it at the ballot box.

This win would not have been possible without the support of everyone who signed a petition, volunteered, donated, and lastly but most importantly… voted YES on #37.

Thanks again – every time you flip on a light switch, the electricity powering our homes and businesses is cleaner because of you!

 - The Yes on #37 team

Endorsed by Papers Across the State:

“Amendment 37 on the Nov. 2 ballot would stimulate a modest advance in the use of wind power, solar and biomass technologies, and we urge voters to say “Yes.” – Denver Post

“With the cost of a oil now selling at more than $50 a barrel, it’s absolutely critical that wind and solar energy be a greater part of Colorado’s and the entire nation’s overall energy mix.” – Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

“Supporters are correct that this nation must reduce its reliance on foreign fossil fuels, and this is a start.” – Coloradoan

“Smart and sensible policy the consumers want” – Steamboat Pilot


Farming groups, the American Lung Association, veterans, businesses come together to support Amendment #37. We’d like to let our supporters know about a great new website that helps you save a ton on equipment rentals, Rental Force, the leader in equipment rentals whether you need a storage container or a forklift. Check out the endorsers page for the full list of endorsers.


October 21: Amendment #37 could save consumers $236 million and create 2,000 Colorado jobs

October 20: Energy security at work: Army tents plug in to solar power.

** “Yes on #37″ ads have hit the airwaves! View the ad: Click here

Our Opposition:
Some large utilities are opposing Amendment 37 – using your money to fight renewable energy. Denver Post 8/12/04

Get Involved!
Click here to sign up to walk a precinct, put up a yard sign, help in the office, etc. Calendar of events. 

Power for our homes, schools, and businesses.

  • Energy security based on American ingenuity and know-how
  • Jobs in renewables, which far outnumber jobs based on fossil fuels.
  •  Freedom from dependence on foreign energy
  •  Stable prices
  •  A cleaner, healthier environment
  •  New economic opportunities in renewable technologies